• Chasing Sarasota | Trailer

    Chasing Sarasota is Blurred Lens Productions first feature length film. We followed Rhino, Portland's premiere Ultimate Frisbee team, capturing every moment throughout their 2011 journey. The film is a revealing portrait about Rhino looking to reload, redeem and find a place on the national stage.

  • Willamette Dental Group

    Willamette Dental Group needed a promotional video to highlight the impressive, company wide changes over the last 5 years. Blurred Lens worked with them to create a concept that both told the story of their leader and detail the "new day" at the company.

  • Clever Hiker | IndieGoGo

    CleverHiker wanted to put the right foot forward for their first company video. Strong, breathtaking visuals and a clear message were vital to this piece. We put together a narrative that would sell the company, create human connection and grab the attention of outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Chasing Sarasota | Opening

    This is the first scene from the feature documentary, "Chasing Sarasota." Communicating a dramatic narrative, that established the stakes of the film's story was important. The opening minutes need to hook the viewer, compelling them to watch more.

  • Clever Hiker | Backp...

    The first season of Clever Hiker needed the blueprint for an entire video series. In production, Blurred Lens focused on beautiful visuals, crisp audio and an aesthetic that inspires hikers. Post-production saw the creation of a splashy introduction, strong, simple graphics, complementary music and a concise narrative. This first episode sets the tone for the rest of the series.

  • Mama Bird Recording Co.

    Mamabird Recording Company has a folk inspired, Americana aesthetic. It was vital to capture this spirit in the promotional video for their record release show. A gathering of friends and talented singer/songwriters in rustic Union/Pine made for the perfect backdrop for the video.

  • Shoot 360 | Commercial

    First impressions are everything. Shoot 360 needed to make a splash in the Portland community by announcing its new business. A 30 second spot was essential to impressing the local market. An innovative music bed creates just the right atmosphere and high energy pacing keeps the viewer engaged. This commercial attracts the committed player, the one who arrives first and leaves last.

  • Changewear | Kickstarter Video

    How do you sell intimate apparel without seeming too serious or making it a joke? Changewear struck the right tone with their Kickstarter video. A lighthearted video serving a serious niche made for an engaging and fun video that could appeal to women everywhere.

  • Shoot360 | Informational Video

    Shoot 360 needed to give potential clients and investors an in depth look at their facilities. Blurred Lens was able to take the audience behind the scenes to find out what makes the company special. Highlighting brand new technology was the key to showing the basketball community that this is the one of the best shooting facilities in the world.

  • Flatball Radio | Trailer

    Flatball Radio is Ultimate Frisbee's first live storytelling event. True, personal stories are told live on-stage with nothing but a microphone. Blurred Lens brought two cameras to record this funny and poignant event. Seeking to capture the tone of the evening, Blurred Lens cut together this trailer. The tales that captivate the stretching circle are now under one roof - welcome to Flatball Radio.

  • The Herd | The Accident

    Derek Alexander's life changed after an accident at work. The dramatic, harrowing tale is told in this scene from the web series, "The Herd."

  • The Herd | Elimination Game

    Stakes are always high when a team is facing an elimination game. This scene from the web series, "The Herd," sets the table for a dramatic action sequence where a team's season is on the line.

  • Reed College Admissions Video

    Reed College offers a renowned liberal arts education. Its students also benefit from everything the city of Portland has to offer. The task was simple – create a video that makes prospective students excited about living in Portland and attending Reed College. We highlighted city attractions, transportation options and used 4 students to create an enticing portrait of the Reed experience.

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