Blurred Lens Productions is a full service production company that can take you from A to Z on your project. Give us a call about any of the following, we’d love to help:

Creative Consultation | Pre-Production

We provide consultation before your project gets off the ground, helping to ensure that your idea is shared in a compelling way and will add the most value to your company. Some of those services include:

  • - Brainstorming narratives for your project
  • - Outlining a plan to execute in production
  • - Story consultation for short or feature films
  • - Creating a shooting script

Matt was a writer for the Showtime feature film, “Glena.” His role involved taking a rough cut of the film and piecing together a cohesive narrative with strong, engaging characters. “Glena” debuted on Showtime in the fall of 2014, reaching 23 million TV sets.


Once the plan is in place, and ready to be executed - Blurred Lens has you covered. Whether your project calls for one person or a full crew of highly skilled professionals, we can accommodate your needs and work within your budget to maximize your story.

We’ve worked on set with clients like Nike, Adidas, TLC’s Cake Boss, REI, New Balance, Reed College and Willamette Dental Group. We are equipped to shoot a wide range of projects across numerous industries and would love to work with your ideas in the field. Blurred Lens relies on diligent and creative pre-production process, which leads to a fun, inspiring and professional shooting environment.


This is where the story comes to life. Here at Blurred Lens, we have edited feature films, 30 second commercials, a 30 episode web series and everything in between. Whatever you need your final product to be, Blurred Lens will work with you to craft a compelling story that will engage your audience. From heart-felt to hilarious, playful to professional, Blurred Lens looks forward to finding the right tone and method to bring your project to life.

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